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Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Students of the Light of God.

It is necessary for all to live in peace and keep searching for wisdom, as light emanates from God.

All images and information from the Ascended Masters herald on this web page belongs to the Great White Brotherhood of the Ascended Masters, without assistance from the Ascended Masters this work would have been impossible to accomplish.

The open dispersion of this information on the internet is encourage by words and wishes of many Ascended Masters, among them our Beloved Master Saint Germain and the Beloved Master El Morya, and they have demanded of their students to publish these teachings everywhere and anyway where possible. This is our humble contribution.

The sources from where we feed this page, are books that the Masters have had send to this kind planet through different channels, adding the sincere efforts from different "chelas" that have analyzed, studied with the enlightenment of God, as well instruction and love to find an updated way to transfer God's Teachings.

With a very deep love and respect for your persona doubts we are inviting you to send any question to our e-mail we will try to answer them within our possibilities on your satisfaction.

Thank you for your beloved and sincere interest.

Your Brother in the Light!

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