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(MAY 1st 1684 year of His Ascension)


The Master tells us: "It was a long time ago since my Master called me Home, a long time before my Utopia would settle on this sweet Earth.  Even when it seemed there was a lot to do to make that Utopia come true, my Master said it was the moment for me to close the book of my life and enter the Ascended Kingdoms. 

So that moment found me in the peace of the beautiful woods of Transilvania with the company of my close friends, the silence that let me hear the sweet bird’s singing and the softness of spring flowers.  There, in that scenery, my physical heart pressed me against this Earth, kissing it in farewell, but promising that I would return first, through those ones who love me, and one day in person, when the veil of illusion would fade away well enough. 

On that moment my soul cried. Do understand, whenever you have a project here on Earth, no matter how small it could be, it becomes very important for you.  I had and have that project of a planet free of sickness, pain and affliction; free of any kind of conscience that could create war.  A planet where angels, fundamental life and men could walk together with happiness in a shinning planet just like it was at the beginning when it appeared from God’s heart. 

Yes, on May 1st 1684, I ascended to the Ascended Master Octave and there I was received by a Great Being. I asked Her if she knew from whom I could obtain more assistance for those of you who I had left behind.  She assured me that “there was such being” and later I found out She was talking about Her own Being, the Beloved Goddess of Freedom Alexa”. 

We, Master Saint Germain’s “chelas” (students who practise this teachings) meet on this day to offer love and gratitude to the Master and to receive His sweet energies, urging us to continue working for our ascension in the light and the ascension of this beloved Earth.
You, beloved reader, can also join us just raising your attention to Him and opening your heart to Him.

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