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Saint Germain  


Healing on the New Age 


This Argentine cell of light accepts, recognises and bows in front of the Light of the Being who’s our Healing Patron: MOTHER MARY, Mother of Jesus and Mother of the entire humanity; Queen of Angels; Trainer of the Elementary Life; Healing Patron that supports the Immaculate Concept (Perfection) and who have many other activities in order to offer a wonderful service to all beings of this Planet Earth.

In her function of sustaining the Immaculate Concept of Perfection for the whole humanity, in the same way she did with her Dear son Jesus, she tells us how she taught him to make it.  "During Our Master’s whole life, Joseph as much as myself remained with the only objective of the maintenance of that "Concept " for Jesus. His senses will remember, were those most highly developed ones -his power of vision, his audition power, his thoughts and feelings -. Naturally He was the most sensitive instrument embodied in that time. Through those senses, He could attract or the biggest Light or, through the connection with the world of the appearance, he could also attract the shade that darkened the final Mastery and the victory of His Ascension. So we begin from a very early childhood teaching him the history of the Immaculate Concept and teaching him to only magnify the good. On the other hand, in each experience where I was in a position of finding the discord, we annul that saying together: «now then, we won't magnify this, instead of that, we will magnify the Power of God, the Power of the Good!» He grew in that atmosphere, magnifying the Good and without giving power or sense of reality to the wrong"

Mother Mary knew perfectly that the only Real and Invincible Power is that of God and that if we are centred in Him, nothing imperfect can penetrate and/or to be recorded in the conscience. For that reason She taught to His Son to only give power to the Good, to God, because if any imperfection could have dwelled in Jesus' Spirit, He couldn’t been able to arrive in perfection to the glorious mission He had in the Earth.  And with Her Love of Mother She continues relating: "This delicate boy, willing and beautiful, wearing his small, simple white tunic, with the sandals that Joseph made Him to wear, was exposed to each thought in each plane, just with our Love to protect him. It was then that I told him: «Son, your soul has the power to magnify any thing that you choose to accept as real, You can magnify an appearance of illness and affliction or you can magnify the Lord of the Life»"...

Although Master Jesus didn't have karma to redeem, in the moment He descends to Earth, He is told that for the free will that we all also possess, He could ran de risk of forming karma. And He could be Victorious because it was sustained in the unique acceptance of the Good.

Invitation of Mother Mary toward humanity:

..." You move around the physical world and your senses have had the habit of bringing to your conscience reports of the good and the bad; won't you try now to change that by accepting only the good?  Will you try to remember me as you begin your daily work and will you allow Us to see what you will magnify in the course of every day? It is a training of happiness and a pleasant pastime".
Let us remember that the Masters affirm: “what you think and feel it is what you bring to manifestation", then why not to overturn the attention to the perfect thing, to be able to bring more and more perfection toward our worlds? This Truth applies to healing and to all the good we yearn to have. A being that thinks, feels, sees and hears perfection can’t get “sick” because the illness is not similar to perfection. We choose whatever happens in our lives. Mother Mary teaches us that we are magnets: "Dear Beings, your souls are magnets, from your soul your life flows, whatever your attention is connected with, your soul magnifies it. This is a mathematical and scientific principle from which no one can escape, be them spiritually initiated, “chelas” (students who practise the law) or layman. You can magnify the well or the bad. When your attention is connected with any appearance, your life flows from your own heart beats toward it, and this grows being magnified in your own conscience - so much in the world of the appearance, as in the internal Kingdom - wherever the soul may dwell. Now then, you can magnify or the shades and the afflictions of the appearance world, or you can magnify the Power of God and overturning to the Ray of your energy and attention toward that Saint Christ that is in your heart. Sustain your attention there, dedicating it to receive and magnify your Powers and Qualities, until your Internal Being grows in trust, grows in beauty and perfection by imitating that Being. We used to make a game out of this when Jesus was a young boy. As children usually do, He arrived bruised on his feet or in his knees (all the diverse appearances that affect the small boys in growth) and I would tell him: «We won't magnify that wound or that scar, we will magnify Our Lord». Then, overturning our attention toward that Perfect Pattern, Us three attracted the cure and the peace of that Presence through Our Beings, until the appearance of imperfection disappeared. We made this systematically"....

If we meditate, won't this be a good teaching for our children and young, so that they can bring perfection to their lives from early age?  Let us think of the possibility that we would be opening up for them; we would be teaching them to trust the Angel Power that is in their hearts, instead of directing their energy toward the imperfect thing and make it bigger. To sustain us in the perfection doesn't mean to close the eyes and to deny that there are still imperfections. It is to see the imperfect thing rising toward its perfection; it is to give God the power to revert those appearances. Mother Mary continues relating us: "During the years of my Son's life, myself was devoted almost completely to the maintenance of that Immaculate Divine concept for Him. I didn't commit in any strange service except those required by my home. I tried to live in a state of constant viewing His State of being the Divine Man, emphasising His Mastery through the pressure of My Own thought and concentrated feeling”.
This Dear Mother prepared herself for that incarnation during centuries, learning concentration and generating in herself an enormous flow of Love, Mercy and Compassion for not seeing the defect or a brother's appearance but the Perfection. She wants to be known as Cosmic Mother of the Humanity, and for that reason she shares with us this instruction:

"That first morning of Sacred Friday, I climbed alone a monotonous hillside as the Mother of One and I got down some few hours later, as the Mother of millions! That was not an opportunity? That was not a glorious coronation instead of a penance? On Sacred Friday I changed from being a woman with an individual interest, to Cosmic Mother of all the souls so dear to the Heart of God and I will always remember this!

For this reason, She offers us the same sustenance that offers to His Dear Son; the impetus of Her Field of Force, Her reason of being and she opens her heart of Mother to listen our demands, because she loves all us equally:

“Blessed your hearts, you all are My Children!  You know that I have an impetus of maintenance of that Immaculate Concept (maybe I won it in a hard way) but what I made for Jesus I has now promised before God to make it for all the ten billion souls of the Earth walking the way to Home. I am doing it now for each one with the same intensity with which I sustained it for My Dear Son!”

We only need to put the attention in Mother Mary with peace, with the security of being listened and ask her our personal demand, visualising that cure arriving, granting in this way the Power to God for its manifestation:

"It has truly been said that in the history of men’s prayers, it has never been known that a simple prayer that has reached me remains without answer since I achieved My position of Authority. I am the Mother of all the souls belonging to these evolutions of the Earth and for each one of these will pray so that they achieve the same great Mastery and victorious manifestation that Mine."

What is the Illness?

The illness is one of the effects that the human being harvests as a result of the incorrect use of his energy of life. As the Great Healer (Jesus, The Christ) taught it about two thousand years ago... "What you sow, you will harvest"...


Objective of this magazine:  

We have as main objective to offer a theoretical practical assistance of the teachings of the New Age about healing, to learn how to heal ourselves and the people we want to help. Different forms exist of arriving to the healing process; one of them is the one that we have described of the hand of Dear Mother Mary and the sustenance of Her Immaculate Concept of Perfection.

Other forms of Cure:

Having defined illness as the incorrect use of the energy of life, it is necessary to explain:


It is our food, the food of life that descends from our GOD Father- Mother, from our great Presence of God I Am". This energy descends constantly through the Silver Cord and it is anchored in the ethereal heart, the place where our Christ lives.



This energy from the Christ is loaded with all the power of healing and the means to do so is Love. It is a healing energy of pure Divine Love in our being. Let us understand that we have the source of health and healing, inside us. One of the internal Christ's functions or Saint Christ inside is to command and to distribute the Energy of Life that flows from the Great Presence. The Christ, the Ascended Masters tell us, at the present time, conserves more command or control of the vehicle or physical body and of the ethereal body. The mental and emotional body is momentarily separated from Him, and for these reason negative causes have been generated that have contributed to generate the so-called "illnesses " or appearances on Earth. The Christ is also who commands, gives comfort and assists that other healing Energy that we know as Elementary of the body.

The Elementary of the Body:

We always count with the help of Celestial Beings in our path of evolution.  In the same way we have the company of an internal Friend who works in silence to maintain us with health. This friend is constituted by a group of energy in movement, and it is often ignored, and others attacked.

We hope that giving him to know, he can receive the gratefulness and collaboration in the functions he carries out. It is called The Elementary of the Body or maintenance Body. This saint Elementary begins his work in the same moment of the being's conception, collaborating with the Saint Christ inside the being to be born and it begins to form the physical body directed by Christ's love that is already installed in the mother's uterus.

In the first stages, the being doesn't possess belief of itself in the external form; he has an internal conscience. At that stage it is the Elementary of the Body the one that has the total control. As the being grows, and enlarges his conscience, gains without knowing it, control over the Elementary.

The Elementary one is not a recently evolved being; neither we have one different in each life. In the moment the Father offers us the individualisation and we accept the human experience, with the first physical body that we have we receive the Elementary one that will accompany us through all our incarnations, until the day of our Ascension. The Ascended Masters teaches us that this highly evolved Elementary Energy has offered voluntarily, to work in the restoration and continuous maintenance of the physical vehicle. It would be important that we know his activities and we could thank him so much service that carries out, example: to renovate the blood, to heal wounds, to restore temporarily damaged organs, to distribute the calcium, vitamins, minerals, all the necessary nutrients, for the correct operation of the organism.

It collaborates therefore in the digestive process, in that of elimination, in the circulation, in the tissues, etc., etc., etc. We are said that an Elementary one obstinate or rebellious, or one that is ignored, can still be a powerful blockade for the best healers. This Elementary one is active part of our life and we need of his cooperation, to live healthy or to recover the health if we have some illness appearance.

When a being is in complete friendship and cooperation with the Elementary of his body, it is an evolution sign and the Elementary one maintains this being's perfect health. This happens because the etheric body that is where imperfections are recorded, it is being purified and it no longer irradiates negative energies that could be reflected in the physical body.

When, for example, we ask for forgiveness to the Elementary one for each cigarette that we have smoked and we recognise that we have polluted our bronchuses and lungs, that order of pardon, if it is sincere, if it comes from the heart, can avoid the manifestation of the illness.

If we yearn to gain the Friendship of the Elementary one, he will indicate us what we can ingest according to our vibration. If we cooperate with him eating healthy, living in peace, with harmony, with a heart free of the negative, our nervous system receives the command of the energy through an ethereal body free of dense recordings and it directs the energy in balanced and perfect form.

Then be wise; let us don't allow that this reading remains in the paper, as another intellectual teaching.  Let us decide to begin here and now that beautiful adventure of going inside ourselves, to love and to thank that Elementary energy that maintains us with life.

And we offer you dear reader the «recipe» of a Great Healing Being called Hilarion that tells us:

“I would like to stimulate you so that you get to be familiarised with your own Elementary of the Body.  This can be made by loving him and invoking him, but also requesting your Saint Christ inside and your Presence I Am that when you are sleeping and in your finer ethereal bodies, you get to talk to and get to know the works of your own Elementary of the Body and bring in return a conscious memory, awake of that. Such a process will fulfil the old but true adage: «Doctor, heal yourself»...

Curing with Happiness

The Beloved Mr. Ling, God of the Happiness, teaches us now about the healing power of His Virtue:  

The Happiness:  

... “Allow joy, the happiness and the laugh dwell inside your heart and irradiate out in order to bless all life with the cheerful and vigorous love, because you will surely find that in the root of all things, is joy. Joy is the main current of radiant health, so let the Joy be in you hearts and allow it to be in your eyes and be healthy”.

Remembering that the energy moves the world, a cheerful and happy energy will maintain us in health and it will attract the Angels, because it is positive energy. The smile is a command for the cells, that there are happiness and health. And let us remember that the cells have a communication system and in this way we will communicate happiness through the cells and the Elementary of the Body will be cheerful and will cooperate so that there are not illness appearances. Always think cheerful things, feel cheerful feelings, be a cheerful Presence and let your Presence be a healing vigorous force, ascending in steps over all obstacles, inside the Law of I Am in Truth. The fruit of the Spirit is happiness, there is not more positive energy that the happiness. Be positive, break the walls of the negative thought and make of yourselves palaces of happiness and peace where you’ll live in the Christ and will find the redemption of all pain. Lean before the Great Law and the Eternal Truth and the happiness will belong to you. Climb the Light’s path and when the selfishness disappears, all the tears will be cleaned and there won't be more hardships, only the eternal happiness, all penetrating one, the angular stone of the victorious achievement in the Light.

Beloved Saint Germain also tells us that all pain is selfishness. And how good it would be to avoid all pain and selfishness, leaving the happiness of I Am be the one that erases and solves all problems. A condition can never be reverted with discouragement, sadness or anguishes. This is not possible and it would be like wanting to fix something with more than the same condition. Let us don't forget that “the similar thing attracts the similar thing". And Mr. Ling continues telling us: "And all the tears will be cleaned and there won't be more hardships, only the eternal happiness all penetrating one. Look only for the path that leads to the own heart of I Am. Because inside the Light of I Am there is hope, happiness, health and force. Can the happiness all penetrating one belong to you, now and forever. I Love you and kindly I touch that spark of happiness on the altar of your heart, so that My happiness can be with you and your happiness can overflow"... 

Curing with the Christ's Power

In the fifth Ray of Healing and Truth exist a beautiful source of invocation of the Green Flame that is in the heart of Beloved Mrs. Higia, who instructs us about our Christ's power to heal us:

“I would like to attract to your attention to what is essential for you, to give your power consciously to your own Interior Christ. During a lot of time the man has loaded his internal vehicles with the belief in the external forms of healing, now it is necessary for you to return your attention to the Christ inside to whom has been given the Internal Power of healing.  To walk along the path of the middle is to build a bridge across the abyss, between the internal world and the external world of the manifestation, opening the road to the Interior Christ, to assists any of the external ways of healing. Many in the medical profession are well aware that the true cure comes from inside. It is the moment to clarify the road so that the Internal Christ fully assists in all the healing forms.  Following Beloved Mother Higia's advice, we should take conscience of our own internal healing power. We have a Great Interior Teacher yearning to show all His Power of Healing Love. When we direct the attention toward Him, we will feel that expansion of Divine Love that allows us to cure ourselves and demand in His name the cure for other beings needing it.

Curing with the Truth

Another way of healing is through the manifestation and invocation of the Truth. Let us remember that in the beginning of the times the Green Flame was only Flame of Truth. The illness had not still appeared in the Earth.  Illness would appeared with formation of the karma, as we have given power to anything that don't represent the Will of God, that is to say, the "imperfection ", generating negative causes that will produce similar effects. Beloved Palas Atenea, Goddess of the Truth, will teach us about the possibility of living healthy if we learn how to live manifesting the Truth.

Beloved Palas Atenea speaks:

Any manifestation that is smaller than the Truth, dear beings, it is not the Will of God for you, and as Goddess of the Truth I tell you: remove that of your thoughts and your feelings, sweep it of your worlds and your actions as you do exactly in the earthly matters that you clean the spider's webs of your worlds and you renovate them and they get cleared; and prepare your worlds for the influence of the Christ’s Cosmic Light of Truth”.

One of the chelas’ big defects, still the most serious, is the lack of care in removing moment after moment during the day, the thoughts and negative feelings, words and actions. The blessed chelas arrive to the moment the day has concluded, full with negative nature substances resulting from experiences lived that day, and there is not room so that the pure Light from the Presence can flow through and around such a being and be a Presence enhancing that Light during the course of the night, while the body sleeps and the next day when this wakes up.

Now then, Dear Beings, that has been taught and We have repeated it one and another time. You don't need to make big gestures except in the privacy of your rooms. It is only asked from you who want more Truth, to clean your worlds - in the morning, noon and the night - of the negative expressions of the life, to allow more of the Truth of God, the Life of God and the Perfection of God to be expressed.

As you know, two things cannot be in the same place at the same time.  So if you have filled your worlds in disorder with thoughts and feelings that are depressive, there is not room in your thoughts and feelings for the Love and the Light and all the gifts of the Life. Therefore, in the Name of the Truth before which you have committed yourselves, and which I embody, I request you to accept this Divine Truth now and to clean your own worlds!  Have the heart generosity of cleaning, one to the other, the world of affliction and you will have Our assistance when you do so, always replacing it by the protection and the Christ’s Cosmic assistance”.  

Curing with Violet Fire 

We have invited the Chohan (director) of the fifth Ray of Healing, Beloved Master Hilarion, so that he recommends us another form of receiving healing:

“One of the biggest blessings for humanity of Saint Germain's New Age, is that the purification, by means of the use of the Violet Fire, would be available before the effect of the illness settles down".
The teaching of Beloved Hilarion is explained by the implicit Mercy of the Violet Flame, since She transmutes what has been manifested and also all that can be manifested, effects of causes created by us that could still be recorded in the ethereal body. Master Hilarion continues saying: "Although this is not recognised by most of the humanity, it is one of the biggest causes of rejoicing in Our Kingdom, as this has tremendous impact on the illness in the human race. You can feel now why Us through the years, have implored you to use the Violet Flame".

The energy descends from the Father, pure, filling our vehicles with light. It brings health and well being, if we don't block it with the negative or qualifying it with non-loving feelings. If this happens, we dye the Light of God with human things that create causes that will return some day to us to be redeemed and liberated.

In our life there are not injustices, we are the causing ones of anything happening to us.  If we understand this and we accept that the Father in his great Mercy always offers us the opportunity to revert errors, we will be able to choose with full conscience what effects we want to receive in life to live it with happiness, peace, abundance and health.

If we need to revert some illness condition or effect not wanted in our lives, let us reread all that have been said carefully and going to the Healing Being we have more affinity, let us request the help of this Being to help us wake up the Healer living inside us. 


Do always invoke in peace, retiring from the daily matters and overturning the attention to the Beloved Presence, to the Interior Christ, and sustaining the demand as much as it’s necessary for its manifestation. The Masters advises us to work with only a Flame at the time to achieve a better concentration.
«Let the Light of God be with you and receive what you are needing» 


This publication constitutes a simple homage to our Beloved

Master Saint Germain in commemoration of His Ascension.

« I am a Violet Fire being, I am the Purity that God wishes »

May 1º 1999

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