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"The Violet Flame and its Use"


La Llama Violeta y Su Uso

The Violet Flame

1 What is the consuming Violet Flame?


As it is indicated in its name, it is a Violet color Flame.   You know the different flames you may use daily: to cook your food, to heat a room, to light a candle, etc.  All this flames have their origin in the same element: THE FIRE, but they are used in different ways.

There is a DIVINE LAW that will help you to understand and it says: “As it is above (in Heaven) it is below” (on Earth).  If there are flames “below”, by law, there are flames “above” too, but the great difference is that the flames coming from above, come from God’s heart and His Messengers; they are so elevated energies, pure and ethereal, that we can’t see them physically, but they are still real.


Those Light flames take different colours according to their activity and purpose, making a seven-coloured rainbow with its seven tones.  At this point, let study the Violet colour, the seventh God’s Flame. Why?  Because it is the one we need to understand and use the most nowadays, because the Violet Flame it’s qualified with the power of changing any negative energy, in positive, sadness in happiness, the bad vibrations in good vibrations, illness in health, etc.  Everything, whatever may be, touched by the Violet Flame, become light, freedom, perfection and love.


Thus, going back to the above example, when we pass a paper through the physical flame, this one consumes it.  In the same way when the Violet Flame enters our lives (when we freely choose so), she dissolves any energy we could have used without love (bad thoughts, grudges, offensive words, etc).

All this, have remained recorded in ourselves, waiting to be redeem someday. Well, beloved brother/sister, that day of opportunity has arrived!

If you freely choose to prove the efficiency of this Violet Fire that is God’s Love waiting to bless your life and affairs, what could you loose?  Do it and then prove the result yourself.  If you do so, you’ll see how peace and happiness returns to you, to your family and to everything around you.




It is very simple.  First, look inside your heart and see if you are willing to forgive any offence and to ask forgiveness for your own mistakes. Please, do it remembering Jesus’ Words: “Forgive them, Father, they don’t know what they are doing”.
La Llama Violeta

Picture of the Violet Flame


Remember there is an old saying that says “To err is human, to Forgive is Divine”, and when we forgive, we are Divine as the Father is. 

Forgiveness is one of the Violet Flame gifts, thus, in order she can “change” or “transmute” (which is the same), grudge into love, she has to forgive the energy imprisoned in the error and return it to light, redeem it.  The Violet Flame forgive us and help us to be forgivers, because, she is GOD in action and GOD FATHER LOVE always forgive his sons, once and once again.

Violet Flame’s forgiveness brings peace to the mind, health to the body and makes our hearts lights and happy.  She frees our lives from problems and preoccupations that will dissolve one by one, if we use the flame and live according to Jesus message.  After using this flame to heal illness and accomplish the so-called “miracles” Jesus used to say “You are healed, go and do not sin again”. Thus, would the Violet Flame tell us, after giving us Her wonderful gift of love, THE DIVINE FORGINESS!



His name, SAINT GERMAIN, means "Saint Brother".

He walked on this Earth, as same as we and Jesus, only that They

raised to GOD faster than the rest of humanity that still evolving in this planet.

Please understand me, Beloved Jesus as well as Saint Germain reached so great Love highness, that they became part of a Great Masters of Light Brotherhood which we lovely call Eldest Brothers. 

They just live to help human beings to get rid of their problems and find bliss and happiness and unity with GOD.

  Beloved Master Saint Germain became Redeemer of the New Age, which has begun on 1954, to end the mission of the former Redeemer of the Christian era, Beloved Master Jesus.

Saint Germain offers us the most precious gift of his heart, The Violet Flame, and he yearningly waits us to learn to live the “Love one to another”, so much repeated but so little practised (UNTIL NOW).  Jesus and Saint Germain, from Heaven, and as Great Friends they are, would like us to practise it. Would you like to make it part of your life?

  Such is the Love for the Violet Fire of this “Saint Brother”, that he carries the flame grafted onto his Heart of Light, a Violet Flame Heart, always open with endless love to irradiate her gifts to anyone who call for her in order to be free.

  If you call him, you’ll realise that you have a never-failing friend, accompanying you every step of the way, making your way safe and happy.  He’s waiting for your friendship.  He will help you in the hardest times and He’ll make The Earth a planet where to live a “NEW AGE” of perfection.



  The New Age is a “New Time” that Planet Earth will live where will not longer exist lack, poverty or ignorance, a new time where all the human beings (men, women and children) will awake to Love, peace and Unity.



Ascended Master Saint Germain

That New Age is already a reality for everybody that practises these teachings, because the Violet Flame is an activity of this new age.

In this “New Time” the use of the Violet Fire will be so common as it is now to wash your cloth when it’s dirty. In this way humanity will get “clean” from its errors and sins, till the time when it will achieve happiness and opulence of everything good.

  As it was already mentioned, that Age begun on 1954, so do not wait for it to arrive suddenly or by magic, some remote day.  You can live it NOW tuning yourself with this gift that is lovely given to you today: The Violet Flame and The Beloved Master Saint Germain.  And in order to use them, we’ll give you a short “practical recipe”, explaining how to use it properly.



My beloved brother/sister in God, the use of the Violet Flame is practical! There is nothing mysterious, occult; neither requires an Einstein to understand it.

After you have decided to use Her, first step is to relax yourself, quiet your mind and body and with all the power of your faith and love, call Beloved Master Saint Germain and ask Him to irradiate you the Violet Flame from His Heart in order to free you of everything that make you unhappy.  Then, imagine the Violet “energy” surrounding you, “transmuting” your wrong creations and leaving you plenty of light.  After it, expand it to your family, home, business and affairs making that Blessing Fire shine in order to carry harmony and love to all.  Please, do not get discouraged if at the beginning you can’t feel her nor see her; go on because Saint Germain teaches us: “although you can’t see Her, she acts the same”.  Don’t doubt of Her Presence! Calm down and let Her shine in your world and then you’ll see wonders occur.

This Flame is intelligent, insist working and remember that The Master advises us to do this exercise three times a day, only five minutes!  Five minutes in the morning, then at noon or afternoon and other five minutes at night.

Remember to sincerely offer your forgiveness to anyone may need it and ask forgiveness for your own mistakes.  If you complete the practise so, you’ll not have difficulties you could not solve successfully.

Don’t believe what I am saying just try it yourself! And receiving the blessings this bring, you’ll be another brother living in a world where peace, harmony and plenitude reign.  You’ll be a Saint Germain’s New Age Brother!



If have I had the Grace of getting to your conscience and have you accepted this teaching, if rise in your heart the wish to share this knowledge together with a group of brothers, you can call (54 11) 0221-482-2208.  A plenty of love voice will guide you in whatever you need to grow in the light and assist to classes.


That one asking any payment in change of this teachings HAVE NOT UNDERSTOOD SAINT GERMAIN NEITHER IS LIVING THE NEW AGE.

Everything is giving for Love to humanity and with a deep desire of making this Earth a PLANET OF LIBERTY.




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