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This part of our study is of fundamental importance, because these principles have been activated for God Father-Mother, to maintain His Universe and Creation in Perfect Divine Order.

To know them and to live according to them is to find the peace and happiness, not to accept them is to continue creating chaos an affliction.  As we know well we are always free of choosing.

A principle is an invariable, unalterable law that doesn’t ever fail, and that it always was and it will be the same, and it will be in force and active although we ignore the Seven Universal Principles.

Not to know or not to remember the Divine Truths doesn’t make us less responsible for their actions, and among these Truths there are the Universal Principles that govern the whole creation with accuracy and perfection.  By their way God creates and we, His Children, learn to create so that the Harmony of its Kingdom also transfers to the Earth.

These Principles are seven and they are present in everything we make; they are intertwined and manifest the Great Law of God in every moment.

We will take as example the action of the fire: if we conscious adults place the hand for negligence in a flame, what will it happen? We’ll get burn, don’t we? Well, let us transfer this to a child that ignoring this stretches his hand and touches the flame. What will it happen here? He will also get burned.  For this reason we can deduce that the action of the fire is to burn and no to discern what or to whom it is directed.

The action of the Principles works in the same way, knowing we them or not, because when we get to know them (as we will do, in the next pages) and accept their currents of perfection, we will already be getting a better life quality.

The Principles as was said, are seven and next we’ll pass to enumerate them in their respective order in which we will be studying them. |Mentalism| |Correspondence| |Vibration| |Polarity| |Rhythm| |Cause and Effect| |Generation|

|Index| |Mentalism| |Correspondence| |Vibration| |Polarity| |Rhythm| |Cause and Effect| |Generation|

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