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Its motto is: “Everything flows and refluxes, everything has its periods of advance and setback, everything ascends and descends, everything moves as a pendulum, the measure of its movement toward the right is the same one that its movement toward the left, the rhythm is the compensation.”

This Principle contains the Truth that everything is manifested in a certain round trip movement, of flow and reflux. The best examples to understand this Law are found in the observation of Nature: the rhythm of the stations, of the tides; of the setting of the sun; in the beat of the heart, in birth, growth and desencarnation in order to be born again, to grow and so forth. And finally we arrive to a point where the knowledge of this Principle and of all the other ones (when they are practised), allows us to rise above this Law and gain for ourselves an existence polarised in the perfect, where the negative no longer affects us.

Let us transfer this to the human life. We use this Law for example every time that we make something with rhythm, to take a medication every certain hours; to go to school everyday, to look at a favourite program; to get up at the same hour to go to work.

In the same way we can also see the examples of a non established rhythm through the very poor results obtained for not having invested enough of our energy in rhythmic form to reach an achievement. The Rhythm is a Force in itself; it is an accumulative power that creates impulses and momentum that leads us to certain achievements.  Thus this Principle is used positively. To use it in the contrary way it would be to live in extreme states, knowing for example that if in some moment we manifest euphoria, then the so-call depression arrives.

Human state and conditions are fluctuating and if we stay in the human plane of conscience, we will also be affected by the fluctuation of unstable emotions that won't allow us to reach a better quality of life. If we give energy to certain thing today, tomorrow to another thing and after tomorrow to a different one... what will we be able to reach then if there is not rhythm, perseverance and energy accumulation toward an end?

Let us imagine that we have a clear goal... to reach a better quality of life.

We are already learning the steps to get it:

Detaining ourselves at this point, we wonder can some of these activities be sustained without rhythm? Can we make our Mantel of Light every two or three days and be protected the same? At this moment of our evolution surely not. Why did Master San Germain request us the rhythmic use of the Violet Flame?

Won’t be so for us to stay in a positive line of consciousness and energy, and to avoid changing in the same day from one to another state of conscience?

Why is it necessary our constant contact with the Angels?

Because the Angels assist us to sustain ourselves in a positive state, without changes of consciousness and relapses.

We will be able to observe our advances if we assist rhythmically to class and not when comes us well. If we fix a day (more, better) and respect that day, don’t matter the conditions that could be presented, the roads will open up and nothing will prevent us from being rhythmic in our spiritual road.

We are rhythmic to eat, to sleep, to work, to study, and yet to suffer always for the same thing.

Why then don't we intensify our rhythms, but this time toward activities that provide us a better quality of life? Let us be rhythmic in reading teachings of Light.

Let us be rhythmic in the offered service.

Let us be rhythmic in sending love and forgiveness toward the being with which we have a non-perfect relationship.

Let us be rhythmic in maintaining our demands.

Let us be rhythmic in elevating our attention to the Divine Presence and to feel what She sends us in Blessing.

Let us be rhythmic in sustaining the self-control of thoughts and feelings.

Human rhythms make up habits and boredom sometimes.

The Spiritual Rhythms make up positive impulses that always improve life and every day there is a new adventure to live and new goals to reach, higher every time.

Design a perfect day for yourself and then make up a rhythm of living many perfect days, until all beings and conditions that surround you receive that force of perfection, for that rhythmic power you are living with.

Nothing can be manifested for too long if we just live it from time to time; you cannot be happy and splendid one day and sad and discouraged the day after because of the human events. Rise your attention away from that condition, don't involve yourself with human matters, and deal with them from a higher stand, the Christ, the Presence, the Angels, and the Masters.  Supported in the Spiritual you will no longer suffer negative states, neither you will overflow with states without having the control over them.

You will reach the balance, the path of the middle, the true Wisdom of Life. If you accept these Teachings, you should live them, not from time to time, but constant and rhythmically so the better quality of life to which you aspire reaches you and become your reality.

The emotional balance is fundamental to get Peace and Harmony the whole time. Would it be worth to live moments of great elevation and plenitude and then to get angry before any human nuisance, losing that state that you had achieved? We should learn how to polarise ourselves over the tuneless vibrations, so that they no longer affect ourselves and to be so careful that if something arrives immediately to transmute it, to recapture our perfect rhythm of harmony.

The bubbling energy it is not positive, being that overflowing happiness or the opposite. Master Saint Germain gives us a clue: “If a great happiness arrives remember: PEACE, QUIET DOWN. If some non-pleasant news arrives remember: PEACE, QUIET DOWN.

And you’ll see that if you maintain this posture above all, you’ll no longer make so many mistakes, you will be able to take the time to think of solutions, to make the correct thing every time and you won't suffer the reflux of these energy in a later moment.

Let us learn how to direct our own rhythms and not to be marionettes of rhythms without control and without sense.

Together with our Divine Presence we will participate of the Divine Rhythms. Thus we will reach the balance and mental stability that will free ourselves from a waving movement.  We’ll transform into a door opened to the blessings of God Who always longs to reach us, but many times has failed to do so for not finding ourselves opened to His gifts.

Let us open that “door” with rhythm toward Him and let us close it toward the human things that have not brought us a better quality of life.

Beloved Zadquiel, Archangel of the 7º Ray tells us: “When some problem appears and stay in your life, it is because this negative energy is passing through your vehicles with more rhythm that the Violet Flame.

We can deduce from this, that the use of the Transmuting Violet Flame cuts the negative rhythms and helps us to establish new positive rhythms in our lives, assisting us in the purification of all desire or inclination to sustain behaviours, or customs opposite to the Light. Example: With the rhythmic use of the Violet Flame we can change the habit of smoking.  This is a negative rhythm, since it destroys life, our own life and the elementary life. We can change it for the positive habit of breathing pure air that will bring to our cells new food of light, and will deeply regenerate and vivify them.

Thus we’ll win in health, well being and freedom. Yes, FREEDOM! Because every non light habits traps us, making us dependant and besides, it damages us.

While we are tied to negative rhythms we are not free.  While we don't transcend this Principle or we elevate it to the Spiritual we will be allowing any shade to find in our being an appropriate place where to stay.  This can only be prevented, intensifying the use of the Violet Flame and saturating the conscience with the necessity of living in the Purity that God wants for each one of His children, until our desire is one with the Father's desire, and we only yearn what emanates from Him.

Let us polarise ourselves in the positive pole of the rhythmic oscillation of the pendulum and let us don't move from there.  We are free of choosing to live the good, the beautiful, the harmonious, what generates a better quality of life.


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